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The best #SESSF tweets - First day

There are great tweets being generated on SES San Francisco – the search marketing event that has started today and finishes on Friday. Following the #SESSF tweets, I could figure out that the CEO of Kodak Jeffrey W. Hayzlett showed the funny video Winds of Change on his opening keynote. Till now they have had sessions on link building, social media, site architecture and PPC.

I would love to continue following the tweets, but while it’s 4pm in San Francisco and they are tweeting with the hash tag every second, in London it is already 12 am. I will continue tomorrow, but for now here are my favourite #SESSF tweets:

About Kodak’s Keynote:

AlanBleiweiss Adapt or Die - For the CEO of Kodak, that's a great topic

beebow wow. feisty "Winds of Change" video about Kodak thrusting itself into social media rather than ignoring it

Pixum_CEO You should immediately hire a CLO a Chief Listening Officer... Listen to your customer is the most important

beebow Kodak hired a CLO - Chief Listening Officer ;)

beebow CLO acts like an air traffic controller - routes brand-mention tweets to different departments within Kodak

lisabuyer Turnaround story: Kodak goes social, 117 million people a day go to Kodak website, 1000 words blog helps

waworld Listen to your consumers and give them what they want (via Kodak)

basvandenbeld Be sure to listen to an interview with keynote speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett when he's done:

RonShepherd Kodak let users decide name of K playsport through a twitter contest, got 28k responses in 4 days.

beebow Kodak held a contest for naming a new product - 28,000 suggestions in a day

beebow people are tired of dialing 800 numbers for customer service. ppl want to be heard, they want to participate

imeldak Engagement is the new ROI. What is your return on ignoring?

lisabuyer old ROI = return on investment. new ROI = return on ignoring.

OMConnect Facebook has 450 million users, 70% outside the US. Twitter skyrocketing to 40+ million. That's 2,564% growth.

Company administration

beebow "passion is not a substitute for planning"

aspeyer77 don't be afraid to make mistakes in #marketing we all do 'em let's learn from 'em

state_ofsearch Leadership: Set clear COS (conditions of satisfaction), cause tension, be who you are, no one is going to die

SEOAware We can only move as fast as our slowest common denominator. I will find you and ask you to leave the company.

gprzyklenk Causing tension is a good thing, disrupt traditional thinking, get debates going.

Marketers job is to cause tension in the org. Move group to edge.

The new elevator pitch: your 118! (8 seconds to hook the customer, 110 seconds to sell it)

Paid Search

state_ofsearch Big mistake: one campaign for search and content network. You should split your campaigns

rishi3211us create ad group by most likely replacement or alternative search query

proper keywords and adgrouping can help increase quality score, lower cpc, increase roi

jendiatalevi find intent by segmenting KW into buckets. have diff conversion goals for each segment.

rishi3211us recommends using negative placements for placement targeted campaigns

simarp real time bidding for display would be next big thing

SEO and Social Media

Matt_Peterson Compare Intent: ex. site's plural term ranked #3, singular term ranked #34, singular had more visitors & conv.

Plural KW signify shopping intent. Singular, buying intent

Pixum_CEO Search term singulars vs. plurals: plural searches look for options and will not convert as good.

beebow 1) setting goals, KPIs, revenue expectations. 2) buyer personas- get demographic info from social sites & research

beebow 3) traditional keyword research. also consider social KW research. anticipate what people buzz about -

beebow 4) content & assets. know your customers, know what they need/want. social interaction creates KW-rich content

beebow 5) editorial plan. who are your customers? what do they want? what kind of content are you going to author for them?

beebow also, understand where ppl are in the buying cycle and tailor content appropriately.

beebow 6) operationalize your SEO. give KW lists to the social media team so they tweet/update FB/blog w/ in-demand KWs -

beebow 7) develop off-site content=crucial! repurposing content--> youtube video embedded on website, screwwnshots on Flickr, etc -

beebow 8) SOCIALIZE. repurposing content on social sites? SILLY of you to not PARTICIPATE on those sites. create connections!

beebow 9) continued... when you publish something great, you HAVE to go out & promote it in a way that creates value

beebow 10) measure. use social media monitoring tools. great for research, great for seeing effect or promotional efforts

beebow Use to see where your competitors have a loyal community - try to tap into it yourself ;)

thenetimpact When choosing keywords select a niche- not as expensive, not as hard to optimize

thewebandprint don't compete for very popular keywords - (in our industry - printing, BC printing, target a niche and dominate it

state_ofsearch Our users changed so much in the last decade. They have other needs and expectations (& less time)

renee_berry Intro to SEM Tips: Your webpage title is your search engine identity. Your title is key

beebow optimized content strategy - start with goals. what are your KPIs? -

MoniquePeltz Content Marketing: If it can be searched it can be optimized for better marketing performance.

CourtneyRamirez Content marketing tip: Make stuff that is useful to customers (Mint's tools) and not just for own purpose.

gprzyklenk Don't suck at Social, use social media 4 E's: engage, educate, excite, evangelize.

Conversion and Information Architecture

jendiatalevi A good analyst is defined by how many times they ask "why"

heather_mckenna "Build your site in HTML 5 and you will get countless benefits" via Seth of Yahoo

beebow 1 of the most effective tactics for increasing conversions = SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION!

state_ofsearch Why should we care about Information Architecture (IA)? 1. Lost customers when they don't find the content

state_ofsearch IA affects crawlability. indexation, but also how your site appears in search results (eg bread crumbs)

evertino Shari recommends to read the IA book of Peter Morville

evertino visit the website of the National Cancer Institute to see good IA

IETraining seo's should care more about information architecture

Real Time and Yahoo

Idealizer Yahoo expects mobile searches to overtake regular web searches in the next 5 years.

dougplatts Yahoo to release a mobile app that doesn't take search queries. It's all about interactive maps apparently

waworld Yahoo is planning to make search so personalized that it will even give you results based on your social network members opinions

markbietz Web of things has resurfaced in the future of search from Yahoo

YahooAdBuzz Seth: Personalization -- when we start pushing contextual, relevant info to users, engagement rises

6DegreesContent Future campaigns will be used to drive users to search, ie Search will be at center of marketing agenda

YahooAdBuzz Seth: The world is getting real time and we had better catch up

evertino Seth shows some new innovations that basically try to get deeper information to satisfy the users needs in a better way.

simarp results would not be 100 % of bing

iProspect's Brian Kaminski: "In 5 years we will not use search engines"

YahooAdBuzz Kaminski: 2) Search results will be real-time and connected

state_ofsearch Mobile searches will outspace PC, Local based targetting, special local deals

state_ofsearch Real Time & Connected. Twitter and blogging into results, Results are going to be influenced by those in your social network

matt_mcgowan Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance News: Organic Search Transition Begins Today

Live Blogging

KeriMorgret Liveblogging at

ElaineEllis I am liveblogging "Search: Where to Next" are @grahammudd, @marcpoirer and @shashiseth

BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: Search and Branding — SES San Francisco Opening Keynote with Jeffrey Hayzlett

shashiseth Check out Search Engine Roundtable’s coverage from the Search: Where to Next? panel via

6DegreesContent Following the live blog on search and social media

ElaineEllis Just finished blogging "Search: Where to Next?"

BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO – Successful Information Architecture – SES San Francisco

benwills Link Building Basics Live Blogging from #SESSF!

Hey, still here? So leave a coment and tell me what your favorite tweets were. =)

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