Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Best #SESSF Tweets – Third Day

Today was the SES San Francisco third and last day. I found very interesting the tweets about landing page optimisation on Tim Ash’s Keynote. There were also good stats on the PPC v SEO session.

I’m kinda glad this conference has finished. Tomorrow I will be able to go for a beer or two without feeling guilty for missing the #SESSF tweets... I’m joking, I’m not that geek. Anyway, here’s my selection for today:

dailySEOhint: Yahoo: "In 5 years the majority of search will be done on mobile devices." Think about what that means for you.

heidiocker: tip: be realistic, focus on 5 SEO initiatives that move the needle and are achievable AND measurable.

dWirianto Great post on Mobile SEO

imeldak Online marketing has nothing to do with technology. The only thing that matters is how to adapt technology for us

imeldak To build instant online trust, you have to do it instantly. It takes 1/20 of a second to make an impression

beebow onto the 4 pillars of trust: # 1: appearance. very important. istand-in for "suitability." good appearance enhances trust

gprzyklenk Pillar 1: Appearance. We do judge a book by its cover, so it's important to relay quality through appearance.

beebow you can fix your page! Focus on: 1) professionalism of design. 2) Sparseness & neatness. 3) Organizational & clarity

beebow "stop screaming at people and having things compete to get their attention once they get to your page" -

beebow did you know - 70% of ppl abandon shopping carts online, mostly because of lack of trust

ahatchjr: People read 400 - 500% slower than they interpret pretty pictures (logos, seals, etc)

sallyfalkow Association with media brands as trust signals lifts conversion

BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO Lab by Search Engine Watch — SES San Francisco

beebow the sense of safety & trust HAS to precede the call-to-action / transactional part of the visit

gprzyklenk Put your marquee clients on your landing pages as a trust symbol. Don't hide them under the fold.

rishi3211us Solutions:(3)Authority - borrow trust from better known brands - Reviews and awards, Marquee clients, Media Mentions

kpoljak 4 Pillars to earn trust online: appearance, transactional assurance, authority, consensus of peers

beebow you can't care what EVERYONE thinks, but you care what your PEERS think. Your customers. your contemporaries.

gprzyklenk Aggregate statistics are very powerful, but so are visualizations. Use it to build consensus.

digitalv Four pillars of building online trust - 4. Consensus of Peers @Tim_Ash keynote

beebow consider having the testimonials as a back up on another pg, AFTER you show off the # of how many happy customers you have.

gprzyklenk Testimonials are good, but subdued on separate pages for "methodical" personalities. Have a link available.

theVMT The idea @randfish gave for letting users share content easily - check out this WP plugin from

jendiatalevi 4 pillars: appearance, trust, authority, peer consensus = perfect website

merrybubbles: Firefox has a ticker (small) on its homepage that says how many times its been downloaded (543 mi.... in 2 mo.)

maileohye #GoogleTV Convert TV viewers into website visitors:

15_miles Does page load time matter - 0.4 seconds of additional load time will result in LOSS of 10% of conversion @

gprzyklenk Making better landing pages is one thing, but make sure you don't turn leads into amish furniture.

15_miles Why is flash not good? It doesn't enhance conversion, it's a distraction, it adds expense & decreases load time

spurinteractive Just uploaded my presentation on Attribution and ROI Measurement at

MilestoneMktg "Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going beyond the Numbers"

beebow WHY she likes SEO - you cannot build a strong house w/o a strong foundation. House falls down w/o strong SEO foundation.

beebow universal search rocks, too - you can saturate Google for your brand name if you optimize for video, image, maps,

gprzyklenk The larger your site is, the more important your internal link structures. (via @seocatfish)

beebow benefits of paid search: leading conversation w/ customers. jump in front of ppl's eyes AS they're searching

beebow wow- Delta's paid search revenue is 60x greater than the cost

beebow paid search has a POSITIVE impact on natural search

beebow don't fight (don't choose btwn SEO & PPC) - compliment campaigns.

state_ofsearch Use keyword focused internal links to at minimum a) describe pages to Google b) vote for your nested pages.

state_ofsearch Use keyword focused internal links to at minimum a) describe pages to Google b) vote for your nested pages.

beebow 1) PPC converts HIGHER. PPC has 1.2x SEO's conversion rate.

beebow but - who gets more traffic? SEO gets 7.3x more traffic than PPC does

rishi3211us says paid search ads get more conversion than seo for same keyword and ranking

beebow PPC is faster, but then there's real-time results in search....

beebow truth: PPC is easier. it's harder to do SEO. but that's why PPC is not a competitive advantage. SEO is ;)

beebow truth: PPC is great for testing. Here, rand agrees.

beebow PPC is good because you can make adjustments with short notice

beebow PPC is good because results are quicker to achieve

beebow PPC is good because various targeting options ensure happy visitors (customized landing pages)

SEOmom Value of SEO vs PPC is like Spain Soccer Team vs N. Korea No contest!

ecceterramnz From the SEO vs PPC Panel - PPC bring 20% better Conversation Rate than SEO, but SEO give 15 times more Traffic than PPC.

beebow you can remove space for bad reputation by saturating both organic & PPC spots on the SERPs

rishi3211us SEO and PPC data should be shared for better results and informed decision making

beebow Big PPC spend helps getting answers from Google (on SEO)

benpfeiffer Google case study revealed if you only do organic SEO = 20 clicks, only do PPC = 20 clicks. Do both = 60 clicks.

benpfeiffer Paid search ads do not create links, but it creates an opportunity for a link. PPC helping SEO.

SEOmom Easy-to-do does not = competitive advantage. SEO is hard; get it right & bury your competition

merrybubbles: Our PR people are now the best SEO converts we have in the company.

adCenter Measure quality of conversion not quantity. Can you measure how you are acquiring your best customers?

state_ofsearch Tip: Don’t put text on an image - people automatically perceive them as ads and ignore them #eyetracking

gprzyklenk Adwords Opportunity Center includes "Analyze Competition" report, which is like a sexy impression share report.

Digitas: "PPC vs. SEO? It’s both. The two should compliment rather than compete against each other.”

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